Nevada Hardest Hit Fund

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Welcome to the Official Website of Nevada Hardest Hit Fund®

With one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation, Nevada was selected to be one of the first five states' Housing Finance Agencies to receive funds from the U.S. Treasury’s “Hardest Hit Fund®."  The State of Nevada was awarded over $150 million in funds available to qualified recipients.

The U.S. Treasury approved the nonprofit Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (NAHAC) to oversee the Nevada Hardest Hit Fund®, which provides assistance to Nevada homeowners who are at high risk of default or foreclosure.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not charge a fee for our services.
Mortgage Assistance and Reinstatement


At this time Nevada Hardest Hit Fund® is no longer accepting applications for our Mortgage Assistance Program.

Please check back to this website for announcements and information on new programs coming in the near future to assist struggling homeowners.

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